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герб Otradny


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About Otradny

Population: 47 ths
Founded: 1956
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 1273

Otradny is located on left (east) bank of Bolshoy Kinel (Volga basin), 91 km away from Samara. The territory of the city is 53.6 sq. km. Otradny is connected with the regional center through the railway and two highways. The nearest to the city railway station is Novootradnaya which is on a branch line Samara - Ufa. The international airport "Kurumoch" is also 100 km away from Otradny.

Appearance of today’s «oil capital» of Volga region is concerned with discovery of oil-field near the village of Otradnoye. The first oil well was drilled in January of 1945, the first oil train was produced in May of 1947, and in 1950 the Mukhanovsky oilfield was developed. At that time the history of Otradny began.

The city has derived its name from the village of Otradnoye which was built in 1921 near the village of Mukhanovo several kilometers away from railway station. Later this village has become a part of the industrial community of geologists and oil industry workers.

In 1956 the village of Otradnoye has been transformed to a town under district jurisdiction - Otradny, and in 1958 this town under construction became a town of regional submission. The apartment houses, nurseries and schools have been built for oil industry workers.

At the moment a great number of large and medium-sized enterprises of gas-and-oil producing and petroleum-refining industries function in Otradny. They exactly form the economy basis of the city. Fur industry is also well-developed in Otradny. So the Otrada fur factory delivers its furs to all regions of Russia.

Otradny keeps carefully its history, though it is not so long in comparison with other cities. The small houses first oil industry workers lived in have remained in the city to the present time. The first house at number 22 has been built in 1946.

Most historically significant city streets are Sovetskaya, Neftyannikov, Pervomayskaya and Otradnaya. On these streets all main city sights of that time are located.

The first square (the Old Square) built in the city is situated on the Neftyannikov street. The first school, first-aid post, post office and neighborhood house have been built also on it.

The Pervomayskaya and Otradnaya streets are considered as a heart of the city. The Pervomayskaya received its name on 1st of May 1947 when the first train of oil has been produced on the Mukhanovskoye field. There is a cultural centre "Russia" on this street.

The Otradnaya street is well-known for the first nine-floor building constructed in the city, there is a hotel now in this building. Besides, here there is a city grammar school (one of the best educational institutions of Otradny), the communications center, the City administration, School of arts and a city fountain which is one of the favorite places of townspeople.

In city public garden the monument has been fixed up called «Letters from the front» in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War (1941-45).

The entrance to the city is decorated with a beautiful gate in a form of an oil derrick as a symbol of main line of townspeople’s work. The mutual relations of Otradny with oilfield have been also reflected in the basic figures and colors of a municipal arm. The central figure of the arms is the gold ladder, which is the allegorical image of an oil derrick and petroleum industry, the basic economy branch of the city.

Twin-cities of Otradny: Backa Palanka (Serbia); Zbonshin (Poland).
City Day is celebrated on 1st of May.

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